Support trails in the Sky Valley

Donate Directly

Whether you live directly in the valley or it's your favorite place to ride, your dollars help keep the trail magic happening across the Sky Valley.

Other ways to give

We're always looking at creative ways for the community to help outside of direct donations and joining work parties. Got an idea? Let us know!

How It Helps

Sky Valley Singletrack is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and each dollar goes towards furthering our mission of supporting mountain bike trails in the Sky Valley. Sometimes your dollars will help volunteers directly by replacing broken tools, and other times, your dollars will help fund critical trail infrastructure like signage and culverts. We are 100% volunteer ran and organized which keeps the overhead low ensuring your contributions have the largest impact on the trails.

Curious on the cost of some typical purchases or projects? Here's a few examples of what we're often buying.

  • McLeod - $70
  • Chainsaw Bar Oil - $20
  • 6" Culvert - $30
  • Signing a trail - $220