About Us
We are a community of mountain bikers dedicated to creating the perfect riding experience for the Sky Valley.


Sky Valley Singletrack is a Washington State based 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on advocating for, maintaining and developing sustainable mountain biking trails and providing recreational opportunities to support a thriving mountain biking community within the Skykomish River Valley.

How we work

  • Partnerships: Collaborating with other organizations and land managers where there is a common interest.
  • Outreach: Educating the community to ensure the long term stewardship and conservation of lands where we work.
  • Volunteerism: Rolling up our sleeves and putting in the hours to develop and maintain the trails we all enjoy!
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The vision of Sky Valley Singletrack is a holistic network of trails in the Sky Valley where each trail system is primarily focused on a single style of riding, but access to all riding styles is not far from home! By bringing out the best characteristics of the landscape, we aim to create truly perfect and unique riding experiences that work well with others while balancing the impact on our public lands. While the landscape is always changing in the Sky Valley, the vision does not, but the steps needed to turn that vision into reality will continue to adapt as conditions change.

Sky Valley Singletrack is currently focused on three types of trail systems to support the needs of mountain bikers in the Sky Valley.

Technical Descents and Freeride

In the Snoqualmie Valley there are over 20 miles of dedicated mountain bike trails on public lands. In the Stillaguamish Valley there are over 10 miles. In the Skykomish Valley there are exactly 1.66 miles.

The need for dedicated bike trails that can support technical descent and freeride styles is unmet in the Sky Valley, and we hope areas like Reiter Foothills and the future planned Snohomish County Bike Park can help meet the need for both styles and in the amount needed to support not just every day riding, but community gatherings and events.

Cross Country

Lord Hill is the major provider of cross country trails in the Sky Valley which keeps our local mountain biking teams riding and practicing close to home. While the bulk of Lord Hill mileage is dedicated to cross country style riding, there is a little bit of everything for everyone at Lord Hill, and we are focused on maintaining all styles of mountain biking trails at Lord Hill to keep everyone pedaling.